How much is a website?

This depends on what type of website you want, the complexity, how much control you want over it, and who is going to make it. Before I actually give anyone an actual quote, I usually ask them what their budget is.

How long does it take to make a website?

Again this depends on the complexity of your website and how urgent you need it. I always ask my clients how quickly they need their website up and running; whether it’s super urgent and they need it in a week, not so urgent and they need it in a month or so, or not urgent at all and they need one at some point when I’m free.

Should I hire someone to make my website?

You can hire someone or some company to make your WordPress website, but that’s if you have the funds and believe that you need this to happen. My whole podcast and blog is dedicated to helping those who want to do it themselves, and for those who don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars to build a website.

How will I update my own website?

Since WordPress is a CMS system, or Content Management System, you will have your own login section where you can update your own website. But to give you a better sense of how your website could be updated, and a better understanding of who could do it.

Understanding our clients

we carefully study the client’s requirements, needs and objectives and deliver suitable dependable and proper solutions and monitor their services reguraly. We offer available options to the clients for their decision before taking up to provide our suggestions and services.

How do I make money with my website?

This is a very popular question, and the most common request my clients ask me is if they can put ads on their website! The short answer is absolutely you can add advertisements on your website! But the truth is it’s not that easy. The act of putting ads up is easy, but the making money part is not so easy.